Restaurant Recipe Book Reveals Secrets


If you’re anything like me, you love eating out, but unfortunately I’m not a rich man and it can get be very expensive. As a result I quite often find myself in the kitchen, trying to copy my favorite restaurant recipes, as I’m sure a lot of you have done. The problem with this is, if you miss just one of those “secret” ingredients, the dish never quite tastes the same, and it could be the smallest change that could make all the difference! I’ve spent hours of trial and error in the kitchen trying to make my favourite restaurant recipes with no success!

Recently I was very close to accepting the fact that I would have to go spend my hard – earned money, every time I felt like eating my favorite dishes, when to my surprise (and joy) I discovered a book called “America’s Recipe Secrets”, written by New York Times best – selling author Ron Douglas, on the internet. Initially I thought it’s impossible that this recipe book could contain all those closely guarded secrets of restaurant recipes that I so desperately wanted, but i thought I’d give it a try anyway since it only cost $29.99, which is about what a meal costs me in one of my favorite restaurants.

I tried one recipe after another, and was very happy to discover that these dishes tasted exactly like they do in all my favorite restaurants! Nowadays I can make all my favorite meals in my own kitchen at a fraction of the price, and my only worry is deciding what to cook for dinner tonight, as I’m totally spoilt for choice! My days of expensive eating and hours in the kitchen, are finally over. Buy “America’s Secret Recipes” today, and experience all these delicious time and money saving recipes for yourself, you won’t regret it!

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